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When you decide to buy a home or refinance a mortgage through Renee Duval or Carol Jordan, you will be working with an Amazing Loan Lady who has earned the designation of Certified Mortgage Professional – CMP – by the NH Mortgage Bankers and Brokers Association.  You deserve amazing service when you seek information or apply for a loan.

Discover your financing options… a home purchase is one of the largest financial decisions a person makes.   The financing terms of the mortgage loan should be a huge part of that decision.   Let us help you understand what you’re getting into and what your options are.   The information you need is just a phone call (or e-mail) away!   Call us at (603) 225-LOAN (5626) or e-mail us at In just a few minutes, we can provide you with lots of good, solid, personalized information.  There’s no cost or obligation.   You should go into your first home purchase with confidence because you have knowledge of your options and have chosen the program that is best for you.

Selling and Buying Again? You’ll be glad to get our input in the whole process.  There are often more decisions and options for second time buyers.   Let our expertise work for you.  There’s never any obligation to giving us a call but the information you recieve is quite valuable!   Please call us at (603) 225-5626 or e-mail us at

Thinking of Purchasing an investment property? There couldn’t be a better time to invest in real estate.  Prices are down and there are great values to be had.  Buy low now, cover your mortgage payment by collecting rent, and sell high later.  Most investment properties collect sufficient rent to cover the mortgage payment and sometimes provide a decent income!   Many investor loans require a minimum of 20% down but there are some exceptions.  If you’re thinking of investment property, talk to us!

If you own a home and want to consider refinancing there’s never been an easier or more difficult time!   Technology has made it easier for us to give you accurate quotes so what you are told upfront matches what you get at the closing table.   Nevertheless, there are many challenges in terms of appraisal and underwriting issues that make things more complex.  It’s our job and our pleasure to know these things and how they affect your decision to refinance.   We will always be honest and lay it out for you to see as clearly and concisely as possible.   Let us assist you in assessing the feasibility of a refinance and if you choose to go forward, we will get you to the closing efficiently and professionally.

Merrimack Mortgage– Concord Branch

Office Phone: (603) 225-LOAN (5626)

Merrimack Mortgage Amazing Loan Ladies Mortgage Loans for Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts

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