Closing Cost Estimator

This is for the do-it yourselfer who likes details and wants the visual experience of seeing the #s all laid out.

The Amazing Loan Ladies have produced a closing cost estimation sheet for all of the main loan categories you may have. Just click on the loan type below, enter your loan info, and the spreadsheet will give you a very accurate estimate of your total closing costs. Please take note, that your particular loan may have circumstances and/or conditions which these estimation sheets do not consider.

If you have such a circumstance, just give Renee or Carol a call at 1-603-225-LOAN (5626). We will be happy to give you a specific estimate for your unique circumstance.

We have included notes on some of the estimation sheets. Simply look for a “cell” in the worksheet with a very small red triangle in the upper right corner. Placing your mouse over it, will bring up the note associated with it. Again, if you have any questions, or your application is unique, call us. Between the two of us, we have over 40 years of experience.

Closing Cost Work Sheets

New Hampshire
Conventional w/5% Down Conventional w/5% Down
Conventional w/10% Down Conventional w/10% Down
Conventional w/15% Down Conventional w/15% Down
Conventional w/20% Down Conventional w/20% Down
NH Housing (Coming Soon!) Mass Housing (Coming Soon!)
Rural Development Rural Development
Construction (Coming Soon!) Construction (Coming Soon!)


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