Our top service is to provide mortgage loans to borrowers in NH and Massachusetts.   We make the process easy to understand and efficient.

We will explain the various options available and tell you why you do or don’t qualify for some options and why some loan programs are better than others.

We help borrowers determine the maximum amount they can qualify for.  Often a borrower is more comfortable with a lower payment than the maximum they qualify for so we help you to translate a payment that is comfortable to you into a possible sales price on a new home.

We provide written estimates showing what the terms of financing would look like.  How much money do you need for down payment & closing?   How can we reduce the amount you need by using Seller concessions (you negotiate for the seller to pay closing costs on your behalf).

We help you understand the details involved in specialty programs like new construction and rehab loans.

We provide tools that will enable you to learn more and understand the process in more detail.   We are you here for you every step of the way to help you get through the process!

For those who we speak to who do not qualify for a mortgage, we pride ourselves in providing you with direction and a game plan to get to where you need to be.   Everyone deserves a mortgage.  Some people are not ready today but we will help them to get to the point where they qualify.

We are tops in first time home buyer programs too!

We love the second home/vacation home buyers very much!

When you need a loan, pick up the phone and call 1-603-225-LOAN (5626)!

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