Need a Loan in 3-12 Months?

If you are going to need a loan in 3 – 12 months then now is the perfect time to:

1) Review your credit report and take action to maximize your credit profile and credit score

Need a Credit Report?

Obtain a free copy of your Credit Report by going to

or complete an online application and we will obtain the credit report for you

or simply pick up the phone and call (603) 225-LOAN and authorize us to obtain the report.

 What is an ideal Credit Profile and Credit Score?

An ideal credit profile is one where there are 3 – 7 open accounts (like car loans, student loans and/ or credit cards),  each 24 months or older with no late payments.

Generally a 620 credit score is the minimum for a purchase but there are some options for lower scores too.

To get the very best rates and terms, a score of 740 or higher is ideal

As part of our service, we will review your credit report with you and give you ideas on how to improve your score and profile.

For more general information on credit reports, credit scores and more, click on this link.

 2) Discover the options available

For personal service, pick up the phone and call (603) 225-LOAN
Choose one of these four options to get more information

Get a Quote – give us a sales price and your desired down payment and we will email a worksheet to you showing you the closing costs & prepaid expenses associated with a loan and the monthly payment details.

Send some basic info about yourself and determine the price range you should be considering

Apply online and allow us to obtain your credit report for a preapproval

Print out this application and fax it to (603) 225-5676

 3) Get Educated
Poke around this site to read up on loan programs and to find links to other sites
Get Educated – Take a home buyer class


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