Loan Programs

Find details about mortgage loans:JUMBO-Conventional-FHA-VA-RD-Rehab-NH Housing-Investor-2nd Home-New Construction!   We have programs for everyone!

Prequalify or Preapprove?

Prequalifying for a mortgage is simple and easy!  Preapproving is more in depth and detailed.  There’s no cost or obligation — know your options!

Credit Reports and Credit Scores

The higher your credit score, the better the terms you can get.  Review your credit report now to insure the best terms later!

Get a free report!

Why Choose Merrimack Mortgage Company?

We are top lenders who offer a variety of loan products.   We will provide you with excellent service and a wide variety of options.  We have it all!  We are happy to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.  Reach out to us today and see why we are considered “Amazing Loan Ladies”.  Carol Jordan, Nellie Doughty & Renee Duval.

easy to apply for a mortgage

Fast Mortgage Approvals

Choose 1 of these 3 options  to get started now Apply for a mortgage securely online. When you apply online you must create a user name and password […]

prequalify fast and easy

Need a Loan in 3-12 Months?

If you are going to need a loan in 3 – 12 months then now is the perfect time to: 1) Review your credit report and take action […]

How to prepare to buy a home

If you’ll be buying a home in the future, it’s good to start getting ready now. By understanding the process and preparing, you’ll have better options! Call us […]

Move at your own pace…

What’s your timeframe?

We’ll help you achieve your goals now or later!

 Already found a house?  Have it under contract?  That means you need to act quickly!  Try the online application or give us a call. Just looking forward?  It’s never too soon to understand your options and prepare.  Get the best rates by doing things now to improve your credit score!  We’ll walk you through it all and guide you along the path to home ownership.

NH Mortgages Hot Topics

The best mortgage companies offer the best terms!

Financing a mortgage can be easy and fun when you work with someone who puts you first and provides you with the information you need when you need it!  Prequalify or preapprove for a mortgage and get the best for you and your family.

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