FHA increases loan limits!

FHA increases loan limits

FHA is not limited to first time buyers and it is not limited to a sales price and it has no income limit but FHA does have maximum loan amounts.  Effective January 1, 2018 for single family homes the loan limits are:

New Hampshire

Most areas the max loan is $294,515

Manchester/Nashua (Hillsboro County) the max loan is $312,800

Rockingham & Stafford County the loan limit is $453,100
(can go to $603,750 under “JUMBO’ guidelines in these 2 counties)


Barnstable     $431,250
Berkshire       $294,515
Bristol            $431,250
Dukes           $453,100  ($679,650 with “JUMBO” guidelines)
Essex            $453,100  ($603,750 with “JUMBO” guidelines)
Franklin         $294,414
Hampden      $299,000
Hampshire    $299,000
Middlesex     $453,100  ($603,750 with “JUMBO” guidelines)
Nantucket     $453,100  ($679,650 with “JUMBO” guidelines)
Norfolk          $453,100  ($603,750 with “JUMBO” guidelines)
Plymouth      $453,100  ($603,750 with “JUMBO” guidelines)
Suffolk          $453,100  ($603,750 with “JUMBO” guidelines)
Worcester     $313,950


Most Counties have a loan limit of $294,515

3 Counties (Cumberland, Sagadahoc & York) have a loan limit of $330,050

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