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Your personal information is private and must be only securely transmitted to us; please choose from one of these four options:

  • Contact us by phone at  603 225-5626 to arrange a phone interview.  In about 10 minutes on the phone, we can usually gather enough information to get the process started!   -OR-
  • Meet us to complete an application.   Contact us by phone or e-mail ( to set an appointment for a person to person interview at one of our offices in NH or Mass or at another site convenient to you.  These meetings usually last from 1/2 hour to 2 hours depending on many factors including the level of detail that you want.   We like our borrowers to understand everything!  -OR –
  • Apply online (you do need to create a user name and password to protect your private, personal information)  -OR-
  • Click here to print out an application  and complete all sections of the application that are about you — name, address, ss#, employment, income, assets, liabilities — and sign the application and return it to us by fax, secure email or regular mail.  Or we can meet up with you when you are ready.   Check out the checklist of items needed when you apply for a loan and forward as much of that information as you can (paystub, 2013 and 2012 W2 forms, most recent bank statement, etc).  As soon as we receive your application and or other documents, we will be in touch with you!
  • Fax # is (603) 225-5676
  • Mailing address: 19 Washington St, Concord, NH  03301

Doing  a phone interview..
We will ask for your name, address, social security #, date of birth and authorization to obtain your credit report.  (you can choose to have a conversation without us pulling your credit report but it is recommended that we review the credit report).   We will send you a consumer copy of your credit report with ideas on how to improve your profile and/or credit score.  Anyways, we will ask about your employment history and income and ask about your savings and source of funds to purchase a house.  Based on this information and with your input, we will determine what options you have and explain them to you and provide worksheets which show the financing terms (monthly payment & cash to close) in detail.  At this point you are prequalified for a loan and we can provide a prequalification letter.

The lender needs to review:

1.  Most recent paystub

2. Last 2 years’ W2s

3. Most recent statement for each asset account you have (checking, savings, mutual fund, retirement account, etc)

4. Divorce decree, tax returns, a recent mortgage statement if you own real estate, etc.   With a quick conversation, we can determine exactly what additional documentation, if any, we may need from you.

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