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For more info on prequalifying and/or preapproving for a mortgage or to receive some basic info specific to you, keep reading.  Or pick up the phone and call 603-225-LOAN for a real person.

In order to preapprove you, we do need to know information about your employment, income, assets and debts and we will need to obtain a credit report. Please note: we can pre-qualify you without obtaining a credit report but the prequalification is subject to your credit report being satisfactory. Minimum credit scores are required for most mortgage programs and the interest rate can vary depending on what the credit score is. Most people choose to do the preapproval but it’s up to you!

If you do not want to supply any information about your employment, income, assets, etc and are only interested in a quote then you can scroll down and complete the simple form below (only provide the info you want to share). Or give us a call. We provide  estimates of financing for your consideration and they are a great way to compare our offer to other lenders.

If you want to get preapproved for a mortgage, please choose one of the options below:

— Contact us by phone at 603 225-5626 to arrange a phone interview
— Contact us by phone or e-mail to set an appointment for a person to person meeting. (
–Print a copy of the loan application, complete and return to us by mail or fax (225-5676) or email.  We will contact you as soon as we receive the application to confirm its receipt.
–Click this link to go to our secure on-line application which authorizes us to obtain your credit report.

Complete our 5-minute online pre-qualification application now and we will send you estimates to review.  Lets get the conversation started!  (Many folks have completed the application in under 2 minutes!)

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